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John Bear New Hamburg's service department near Kitchener / Waterloo does it all! Parts, maintenance, repair, accessories, tires and more!

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Exceptional After-Sales Service at John Bear New Hamburg

At John Bear New Hamburg, our professional team of advisors and technicians is dedicated to providing you with the best service. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. When it comes to anything your vehicle needs, you just need to head to our service department, body shop or detailing center. Our technicians will use their expertise and experience to bring your vehicle back to life. We also offer genuine General Motors parts and accessories to keep your vehicle in a perfect state. Our technicians will inspect your vehicle and its subsystems to ensure your vehicle's safety and dependability. When you visit John Bear New Hamburg, your vehicle is in good hands. Our service experts are passionate when it comes to General Motors vehicles, and we want to help you maintain the quality and durability of your vehicle for years to come. Every technician working at John Bear New Hamburg has been trained, educated and tested by General Motors of Canada to ensure they meet the highest industry standards for vehicle repair and service. What are you waiting for? Next time you feel like your vehicle needs a little extra love, come see us at 100 Heritage Dr, New Hamburg. 

If you are looking to extend the life of your vehicle or to increase its resale value, John Bear New Hamburg is the place to go. Don't hesitate! If you have any concerns or questions, contact us by phone at 1 844 704-8469 or fill our online contact form. You can even book your next appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Trust John Bear New Hamburg For Your Vehicle Maintenance Needs

At John Bear New Hamburg, our service department aims to make you a repeat customer. Once you buy a vehicle, the goal is to keep it running smoothly for many years to come and to keep up its resale value when it's time to buy a new vehicle. Maintenance should always be on your mind whether you drive a pre-owned or a brand-new vehicle. That's where John Bear New Hamburg's service department comes in.

Our service department offers maintenance services like oil changes, multi-point vehicle inspections, tire condition checks, component lubrication, and much more. When it comes to keeping your vehicle running its best for years to come, our trained technicians will leave no stone unturned. Our technicians undergo rigorous training from GM Canada and know your vehicle inside and out, no matter its make or model. At John Bear New Hamburg, your car, truck or SUV is in good hands. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate and contact us by phone at 1 844 704-8469 or fill out our online contact form. We will be pleased to answer you anytime.

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Genuine Parts and Accessories at John Bear New Hamburg

When it comes to increasing performance, nothing complements your vehicle better than genuine part and accessories. At John Bear Hamburg, we offer a large selection of genuine General Motors parts and accessories. Whether you need a part for a new or a used General Motors vehicle model, we've got you covered. At John Bear New Hamburg, we've got it all: whether you're looking for summer tires, winter tires, a bike rack, a trailer hitch, a roof box or anything else, our parts and accessories department will satisfy your car's needs at a great price.

You can even order parts and accessories online. If we do not have the part or accessory you need, we'll have it shipped to our dealership in no time. At John Bear New Hamburg, you'll get the right price, the right warranty, and the right fit. 

If you need help or assistance, if you need answers or if you want to learn more about General Motors parts and accessories, you can contact us by phone at 1 844 704-8469 or fill out our contact form online. You can also request a service appointment online. A member of our team will contact you shortly to respond to your request.

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We Keep your Vehicle Fresh in New Hamburg

Canadian vehicles go through a lot in the course of a year. Winters can be hard -- not only on us, but on our vehicles as well. Thanks to road salt, sand, and sludge, it can be hard to maintain your car's like-new look. Fortunately, at John Bear New Hamburg, we offer several detailing packages that can help keeping your vehicle looking brand-new, no matter what the weather outside may be.

Our detailing center offers a wide range of interior and exterior cleaning options, as well as a wide selection of all-in-one detailing packages. At John Bear New Hamburg, you can get a car engine shampoo, waxing, paint sealant, polishing, headlight reconditioning, window tinting, leather treatment and cleaning, complete interior shampoo, complete cabin deodorizing, and much, much more. Not only will your vehicle look fresh, it will also smell fresh. Getting your car back in shape has never been this easy or affordable. Your satisfaction is our number-one priority. While we work on your vehicle, you can comfortably wait in our cozy waiting area. If you're happy, we're happy. 

To keep your vehicle in top shape, you know where to go. To learn more about our detailing department, stop by our dealership today, contact us by phone at 1 844 704-8469 or book an appointment online.

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Everything's in Control at our Body Shop Centre

Your vehicle protects you from the outside world. So when an accident happens, your vehicle is the one getting damaged while keeping you safe. At John Bear New Hamburg, we'll treat your vehicle as well as it treats you. From simple scratches and dents to full repairs and auto body overhauls, we can help your vehicle recover from whatever life throws its way. Every technician working at John Bear New Hamburg has been trained, educated and tested by General Motors of Canada to ensure they meet only the highest industry standards for vehicle repair and service. Customer service is our top priority. Our body shop services are flexible and affordable to keep you and your wallet satisfied. And with our state-of-the-art service and repair bays, you can rest assured that your car, truck or SUV is getting only the latest and greatest in repair technology. 

Accidents are stressful situations, and they can happen to anybody. But when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of a fender-bender, we make life easy. At our New Hamburg collision center, we make the repair process painless and stress-free. Our goal is to help you by making you feel supported. 

To learn more about our body shop center, ask questions or give feedback, give us a call at 1 844 704-8469 or contact us by filling out our online form. A member of our team will be happy to help.

What are your Motorist Rights?

After an accident or a wreck, it can be hard to think clearly. But in situations like this, it's important to know your rights as a motorist. Who can you go to, what information should you have, and what does your insurance company need? To help you make good decisions and get the best result out of a bad situation, here are your Motorist Rights! 

No matter what, you always have the right to choose the shop where you're going to have your vehicle repaired. You don't need more than one estimate for your insurance company. All you need to do is select a repair facility near where you live or that you are comfortable with. You can then notify your insurance company or your agent. Once you are at the facility of your choice, look around and trust your instincts. Are you comfortable with the shop? Are you comfortable with the people? If the answer is yes for both questions, you'll probably be satisfied with their work. It the answer is no for both of the previous questions, do not hesitate about speaking with the manager about your concerns before anybody touches your vehicle.

To learn more about your motorist rights, contact us today by phone at 1 844 704-8469 or simply fill out our online contact form.

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