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Walkaway Insurance

Walkaway Insurance

What is WALKAWAY insurance?

WALKAWAY insurance programs offer responsible debt protection from unforeseen circumstances. Distressing situations - like layoffs or debilitating accidents – make it difficult to pay off car loans on schedule. WALKAWAY saves you stress by making payments on your behalf and even erasing your loan debt completely. Because John Bear Hamilton is a WALKAWAY authorized dealership, every vehicle we finance or lease comes with one full year of coverage for free. 

Protection from the unexpected. 

WALKAWAY Protection assists vehicle buyers who experience:

  • Forced unemployment
  • Physical or mental disability
  • Loss of driver’s license (age & medical)
  • Unintended death
  • Self-employed personal bankruptcy
  • Hospitalization from serious illness
  • Temporary job layoff
  • Self-employed disability
  • Family/medical leave of absence

Johnbear Hamilton is proud to be an authorized WALKAWAY Insurance dealer. Offering WALKAWAY products allows us to grant our customers - regardless of their employment or their medical history - the promise of smart, responsible protection for financing.

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